Friday, October 10, 2014

Thank You Flipkart!

Dear Flipkart,

Thanks for the Big Billion Day! You might be thinking that here comes another customer with a billion complaints. But why should I complain and what should I complain about? I do not have any reasons nor I think I have any right to complain. I still remember the shopping experiences I had before Flipkart was born and feel the difference after Flipkart came into existence. I have always hated long queue, scarcity of space, scarcity of items and rude behaviour of shopkeepers. Flipkart has changed the shopping experience for Indian customers. People are venting out their anger but I am 100% sure they will still choose to shop at Flipkart because at the end of the day Flipkart remains the one to be relied upon. The prices are better than any shop in the city. The quality of the product and customer service is no match to any retailer. I completely believe that what happened on the day was unexpected and it was purely a technical issue. What surprised me that the Government is seeking a probe into this issue. I have few questions that why they never probe the issues when we are not able to book a tatkal railway tickets, whereas the agents get it easily. Who and what make it possible to steal the hundreds of tickets in 2 minutes of opening the counter; whereas the agents can get you confirmed ticket even before the train departure. Why there is no criminal offence for every time it rains in Bangalore, a child dies in pothole? Why aren't the authorities responsible for the death is treated as murderers? I think the Government has a lot burning issue to close. I thank you Sachin and Binny for making my life easier by bringing Flipkart into existence. The only thing I want you to do now is to run the campaign once again and make the target as The Thrilling Trillion Sale. This time making it even better and more successful.

A Flipkart Customer

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